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Shay's Story


When Shay was 4 years old we found out he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This disorder affects his fine motor skills accross the board. After finding out what condition he has we started exercies to build new pathways for the brain. The Fieldhouse Foundation created bikes for people with disabilities. The bikes help build muscle and coordination to improve the quality of life. Shay recieved his first bike from the Fieldhouse and has also been able to use the heated pool for aqua therapy. The trainer also helps motivate Shay while he uses the walker on the indoor track. Shay has been given goals to work towards and is making progress. He has improved his quality of life thanks to The Fieldhouse Foundation and The United Way. Thank you to United Way for your continued support of the Field of Dreams program.

Thank You,

Jen (Shay's Mom)