*Community Impact*

We are all connected.  When families are stable, when children succeed, when individuals stay healthy, our community is stronger.  The foundation of stable familes begins with income, education, and health.  Thank you for all you do to make our community better.

We are working to advance the common good by focusing on income, education, and health.  These are the building blocks for a strong community - a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. We work to identify issues, develop community partners, implement solutions, and measure results.  We are doing this in the following two ways...

Community Impact - provides a change in knowledge, attitude, and/or behavior.
Basic Needs - a social services safety net.

Income:  helping people become financially stable and independent.  We do this by investing in the following programs...

  1. Free tax preparation, financial literacy classes, and foreclosure prevention resources - The Financial Stability Partnership
  2. Financial independence to disabled and/or elderly - Financial Management Payee Services of Catholic Socal Services
  3. Provide temporary assistance to help find or retain housing. Homeless Prevention/Rapid Re-housing Project - The Salvation Army

Education:  helping children and youth achieve their potential.  We do this by investing in the following programs...

  1. Community and school based mentoring programs in Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Licking and Perry Counties
  2. After school and youth summer programming to help youth become self-sufficient adults - Eastside Community Ministry
  3. School assistance services to provide early intervention - Morgan Behavioral Health
  4. Programs that instill core values in youth and offer leadership and self-esteem activities - Muskingum Valley Boy Scouts
  5. A neighborhood community center that provides educational programs after school and during the summer - Zanesville Civic League
  6. Education and training to prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies - American Red Cross
  7. A summer camp for behaviorally challenged youth - Muskingum Family Y

Health:  improving health and wellness. We do this by investing in the following programs...

  1. Homemaker services for senior citizens - Morgan County Office on Aging
  2. Membership scholarships for youth and families for programs that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit - Muskingum Family Y
  3. Provide community with safe and effective blood services - American Red Cross
  4. Free FamilyWize prescription drug discount card program - The Financial Stability Partnership

Basic Needs:  your United Way of MPM continues to support a social service safety net.  We do this by investing in programs that...

  1. Help residents break the cycle of poverty and move to self sustainability - Eastside Community Ministry
  2. Feed our hungry community members - Christ's Table and The Salvation Army
  3. Provide financial assistance for disaster victims - American Red Cross
  4. Provide emergency communications to military families - American Red Cross
  5. Provide emergency shelter - The Salvation Army