Financial Stability Partnership

The Financial Stability Partnership


The mission of the Financial Stability Partnership is to help individuals meet their financial needs. This is done through free tax preparation clinics, financial education classes, and a free prescription drug discount card.

The United Way movement seeks to strengthen communities by identifying and tackling the underlying causes of the most serious social issues facing our nation. Increasingly, the economic and financial pressures facing hard-working people are exacerbating the other social issues. So United Way has expanded its work to include strengthening the financial stability of individuals and families.

Who benefits from this work?

Hard-working families by helping them to:

  • Increase Income
  • Build Savings
  • Gain and Sustain Assets
  • Employers by creating a stronger, more crisis-resistant workforce.
  • Communities by increasing home and business ownership, and the financial stability of its residents.

How is the Financial Stability Partnership doing this?

1. EITC/Free Tax Assistance Sites: Free Tax Preparation workshops will be available in February, March and April. These workshops are to promote the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Many families do not take advantage of or are unaware of the EITC, which could increase their tax refund by up to $4,000.

2. FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Card: This free card provides and average discount of 30% off medications NOT covered by insurance. It is free to everyone of all ages, income levels and medical backgrounds. There is no registration. Cards can be picked up at the United Way office.

3. Financial Literacy Classes: FLARE (Financial Literacy And Resource Education) has developed a financial education series that covers investment products, retirement options, estate planning, taxes, and debt. FLARE is also working with schools to provide financial education to students.

For more information, contact Amy Davis, Financial Stability Partnership Coordinator at or call (740) 454-6872.