United Way of MPM Investment Funds Awarded

United Way of Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties Investment Funds Awarded

The United Way of Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties (UWMPM) will make an impact in the tri-county region over the next 12 months by investing in 22 area programs and two initiatives in the areas of income, health care, and education. This is possible as a result of nearly 2,500 individuals, businesses and organizations who invested in United Way during the 2014 campaign.

Applicants were asked to identify how their work advances one of the 11 outcomes on the Community Impact Matrix. Programs that received funding scored high on their applications and are aligned with the Community Impact Matrix and goals of the organization.

Community leaders with diverse professional skills and backgrounds donated over 300 hours to review 26 applications and make funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors. Investment Committee members evaluated each program application in the following categories: program description, program results, outcome measurement, past performance (status of previous investment), coordination with other resources, budget, resource management, and application protocol.

The Investment Committee members are:
John Creek, Retired Community Member
Cindy Aiello, Perry County Board of DD
Mary Kitzig, Genesis HealthCare System
Jason Wilhelm, Century National Bank
Cindy Linn, Ohio University-Zanesville
Leista Walker, Ohio University-Zanesville
Tracy Tonnous, Zane State
Karen Vincent, Retired Community Member
Dean Wright, Morgan Local Schools

Eric Holsky, of The Community Bank, announced that this year’s campaign yielded $865,000. Campaign proceeds will support discretionary investment, donor designations, and United Way initiatives of 2-1-1 and Financial Stability Partnership. The remaining portion covers pledge loss and will be used to support operations. Investor specified designations to programs have already begun to be distributed.

Discretionary investment for 2015-2016 is $399,485.86 and has been awarded to 22 programs across the three pillars:

Education: $144,718.53; This investment will:

  • Increase school readiness for pre-school children
  • Increase academic performance and life skills, including financial education for youth.
  • Increase the number of young adults who graduate and make a successful transition to work or higher education.

Income: $132,378.74; This investment will:

  • Increase budgeting and other financial skills and habits
  • Keep people in their homes
  • Increase household income and family assets, especially through the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Provide access to food and transportation
  • Provide access to timely, short-term assistance, including food, shelter, clothing, disaster relief and referral services

Health Care: $122,388.59; This investment will:

  • Provide access to physical, dental and/or mental health care and education
  • Provide access to mental health and substance abuse services for children and adolescents
  • Increase the percentage of youth and adults who are healthy and seek healthy behaviors

For questions on the investment process, call Becky Clawson, Community Impact Coordinator, at (740) 454-6872.

Programs funded in 2015-2016:

Boy Scouts (through Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America) - $14,474.10*
Cub Scouts (through Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America) - $21,263.84*
Ohio College Guides Program (through Scholarship Central) - $18,079.75*
Reach Out and Read (through Muskingum County Literacy Council) - $6,903.00*
Toddler Enrichment Program (through The Carr Center) - $11,911.11*
Youth Mentoring (through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville) - $67,649.26*                                         
Summer Day Camp (through Muskingum Family YMCA) - $14,228.18*
Youth Program (through The Lifewell) - $10,446.67*

Emergency Relief (through Eastside Community Ministry) - $32,990.30*
Disaster Services (through American Red Cross - Muskingum Valley Chapter) -$18,458.44*             
Emergency Shelter (through The Salvation Army) - $28,963.49*
Soup Kitchen (through The Salvation Army) - $15,383.99*
Homeless Prevention/Utility (through The Salvation Army) - $23,735.38*                                   
Homeownership Creation & Preservation Project (through Habitat for Humanity) - $8,321.58
Payee Services (through Catholic Social Services) - $34,302.00*

Dental Health Program (through Perry County Health Department) - $38,800.00
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Maintenance Program (through Muskingum Recreational Center) - $24,574.52
Student Assistant Services (through Morgan Behavioral Health Choices) - $16,189.50*
The Field of Dreams Projects (through The Fieldhouse Foundation) - $16,985.68*
Swim Lessons (through Muskingum Family YMCA) - $6,247.03*                                                                        
Weight Management for Adults with DD (through Muskingum Recreational Center) - $17,117.13                  
Open Gym (through Zanesville Civic League) - $7,335.85        

*Includes Donor Choice Designation