2015-2016 Program Outcomes

 2015-2016 Outcomes & Impact

The ability to keep people in their homes.

  • 33% of clients will attain a level 5, which is essential living needs met and $700 or more in savings, 93% of clients will attain a level 4, which is essential living needs met and $1 to $699 in savings, and 100% of clients will attain a level 3, which is essential living needs met and no savings, through Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties,  through Payee Services at Catholic Social Services.
  • Assist a minimum of 52 households with utility and rent/mortgage payments through the Utility Assistance Program of  The Salvation Army.
  • Provide 17 nights in shelter, 200 meals, 9 individuals will receive assistance with clothing, 264 individuals will participate in Community Disaster Educatuon Presentations through Disaster Relief Services of the Muskingum Valley American Red Cross.
  • Provide 39 clients with temporary housing and basic needs, counceling services, and referrals to other agencies and landlord information through the  Salvation Army’s Emergency Shelter.
  • 100% of participants suffering from food insecurity will receive a hot nourishing meal. Also provide 17 clients with information to help with their budgets, and with recipes and cooking classses at the Soup Kitchen through the  Salvation Army.
  • Provide 2 families with simple, decent, affordable homes. Provide 3 home repairs that will allow families to stay in their homes. Train 200 residents on simple home repair through the Homeownership Creation & Preservation Project, thought the Habitat for Humanity.
  • Provide 7,996 clients with food and clothing assistance through the Emergency Relief Services though Eastside Community Ministry.

An increase in household income and family assets, especially through EITC.

  • Completed returns for 2,132 clients in 2015 through the free Tax Clinics through the Financial Stability Partnership.


An increase in school readiness for pre-school children.

  • Provide scholarships for three children to improve speech and communication through the Toddler Enrichment Program at The Carr Center.
  • Provide 4,500 books to 1,868 children, 18mos-5 years of age through their regular well-child visits through the Reach Out and Read Program of the Muskingum County Literacy Council.

Improvement in behavior and social interaction, especially in programming outside the school day.

  • Out of 98 youths 65% are in a match relationship lasting at least 6 months. 50% of youth are in a match relationship lasting at least 12 months. Mentor & youth report positive responses about thier match relationship at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville, Inc.
  • Provide 563 boys learning skills such as leadership, first aid, physical fitness, financial literacy and more through Boys Scouts and Cub Scouts.
  • Provide after-school services to 70 students. Demonstrates program effectiveness based on pre-test and post-test, with 80% of students in each program showing improvement in math, readng, geography, and life skills proficiency through the Youth Program at the Lifewell @ 907 W. Main.
  • Enable 38 children to have a better understanding of water safety and life skills that promote helthy behaviors through physical activity through the Swim Lessons at the Muskingum Family YMCA.

Increase the number of young adults who graduate and make a successful transition to work or higher education.

  • Assist 3,500 high school students with career exploration, college selection, scholarship search and applications, and all steps of the financial aid process through the Ohio College Guides program at Scholarship Central Access Program.
  • Enable 21 students to improve academic performance and life skills through the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEAM) Program, Reading Program, and Summer Day Camp curriculum through Summer Day Camp at the muskingum Family YMCA.


Increase access to physical, dental, and/or mental health care and education

  • 32 handicapped children and 10 disabled veterans will work on increasing flexibility, strength training and pain management through exercise and the use of specialized equipment, which is only available through the Field of Dreams Project, of the Fieldhouse Foundation. Check out the Fieldhouse's video HERE.
  • Provide dental care for 39 senior adults in Perry County through the Smiles For Life program at the Perry County Health Department.
  • 40 students,10 families, and 10 elementary grade level teacher will be served. 85% of the students will complete the asset development. 75% of the students involved with the SAS program show improvement in academic behavior. 85% of the students will show an increase in their personal assets on the assets survey distributed to each student at the beginning of their involvement with the SAS programand again at the end of the school year. 75% of the students will show improvement in the evaluations that the student's teacher completes at the end of the school year in Morgan County through the Student Assistance Services at Morgan Behavioral Health.
  • 2,500 people use the gym facilities, 50% of whom will use the gym for recreational use and be supervised using UWMPM funds, through Open Gym at the Zanesville Civic League.
  • 80 participants will increase total percentage of weight loss, decrease BMI, increase/maintain physical activity, and increase participant basic nutrition awareness. Enhance overall life satisfaction in program participants through the Weight Management for Adults with Divelopmental Disabilities through the Muskingum Recreational Center.
  • 55 participants will improve will-being, decrease hospitalization, improve/maintain cardiovascular fitness, improve/maintain muscular endurance, and provide tobacco cessation through the Pulmonary Rehabilitaiton Maintenace Exercise Program through the Muskingum Recreational Center.



UWMPM is investing $399,485.86 directly into 22 programs that are making lasting changes in peoples’ lives:
•    $144,718.53 into education programs
•    $132,378.74 into income programs
•    $122,388.59 into health programs