Community Impact Spotlight

United Way of MPM - Muskingum County

A young man and his girlfriend stopped in the 

mall site and he needed help retrieving 

his Adjusted Gross Inome from a previous year.

He already did his  taxes on a free on-line site

but they had been rejected due to an incorrect

2015 AGI amount he had entered. He used the

same free tax site in 2015. I encouraged him to 

let me do his taxes just to make sure everything

he had entered was correct. He was adamant that

he only needed help retrieving his correct Adjusted 

Gross Income.

I helped him with his Adjusted Gross Income and

for some reason he agreed to let me file his return.

He was very surprised when his refund was $244 

more than the amount on the return he had done

himself on the free tax site.

He said he would definitley be back again! 


United Way has served 1,475 local individuals

by helping them file their taxes for free. This 

service saves an average of $250 per family.

We filed 1,377 Ohio State Tax Returns saving 

these clients an average of $40.


With an average client adjusted gross income of

$20,397 we returned $1.86 million in federal tax 

refunds to local clients with an additional $513,111 

in Earned Income Tax Credits. As a result of our work 

85% of clients say they are going to use their refund to 

pay household expenses and help stock food pantries! 



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