Impact Story



Habitat for Humanity - Home Creation

I’m 64 years old, divorced, with no children.  I got hurt at work at age 49. At the age of 52 I had my first heart attack.  These two events left me with almost a quarter million dollars of debt and led me to declare bankruptcy after a few years of trying to come up with an alternative.  At that point I assumed my dream of owning my own home was irrevocably lost.  I envisioned an old age spent living in a camper or a van or possibly moving to a third world country.   

I worked at rebuilding my credit after the bankruptcy and it has recovered enough for me to qualify for a home loan.  The issue now is the houses in my price range appear to be at best in only marginally better condition than the house I’m in.  I am currently living in the 181-year-old house that used to belong to my grandparents.  The house has many problems, chief among them is it’s structurally questionable due to termite damage and all of the wiring jobs it’s had in its history are all fire hazards.  I wonder at times if the house will fall down or burn down and if I’ll be in it when it happens. 

Qualifying for a Habitat for Humanity home has been a tremendous relief.  I can now envision an old age with a measure of security and the chance to build some equity.  I am very grateful. 


United Way of MPM invests $37,200.00 in the Home Creation Program