Impact Story


Food Bags


United for Kids 

As an educator at Zane Grey Elementary, I have seen what impact The United Way can have on our local children.  The United Way has teamed up with Zanesville City Schools to provide money for our district to put together "United for Kids" food bags each weekend.  These bags are filled with nonperishable foods and drinks that can be easily prepared and eaten by our most needy students.  I could tell many first-hand stories of children that count on these bags each week to help them, and their families have enough food until they return to school on Monday.  One child told me, "We don't have much food in our kitchen, so I love being able to eat the extra food when I'm at home over the weekend."   

There are times when we have students lined up, hoping that there may be extra bags that they may be able to take home.  We at Zanesville City Schools, and specifically Zane Grey Elementary, are forever thankful for all that The United Way of Muskingum County does to help with food insecurity in our area.