Impact Story



FoodWorks Alliance - Recovery with Purpose! 

My name is Holly and I am a recovering addict. I struggled with addiction for 20 years and have
been working on my recovery for the last 4 years and like everything in life I have had my trips
and falls. For me Sweet Life Bakery has been a blessing. It has done what other past jobs have
not been able to do for me, they have allowed me and encouraged me to make my recovery a
priority in my life while still maintaining a job. And unlike other jobs they are helping me build
and acquire skills for life and future employment that honestly I never gained due to being in
active addiction. I look forward to going to work and working with and being around others in
recovery, they have become a big part of my recovery and my support system. I feel Sweet Life
has given me and still are continuing to teach me the tools and skills needed to have a
successful life in recovery.


United Way of MPM invests $35,245.00 into FoodWorks Alliance Recovery with Purpose!