Our United Way

Your United Way is a local, non-profit organization, primarily composed of volunteers who work to support a broad range of agencies and programs. Although the idea is national in scope, each United Way is autonomous. We are governed by a local Board of Directors. Decisions are made locally, for the best interest of our communities. Our local United Way was chartered on September 16th, 1954.

Our Goal

The primary interest of our United Way is people. The strength of our United Way is people. The mission of the United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties is to provide strong leadership in uniting volunteers, agencies and resources to help meet community needs.

United Way Policies

United Way policies have been established to carry out the United Way concept.

  • Inclusiveness - The United Way of Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties is an inclusive voluntary organization. The inclusiveness involves governance, operations and allocations. No one is excluded because of race, sex, or age. Agencies are included that provide both long-standing programs and services as well as those that meet new needs.
  • Voluntary Giving - The United Way of Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties believe that giving is a personal decision. The investment one makes is up to the individual.
  • Allocation Process - Allocation panels comprised of volunteers from all three counties meet annually to review agency / program requests for funding. The United Way's policy has always been to direct available funds to meet the critical needs of the three county area.
  • Financial Disclosure - Because the United Way of Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties serves the community interest and is dependent on voluntary giving, disclosures of financial matters are full and open. A finance committee comprised of local volunteers reports monthly to the Board of Directors in financial results, cash position, investments, and other related financial matters.
  • Relationship to the United Way Worldwide - All United Ways are fully autonomous organizations. The local United Way Board of Directors exercises full control of the local United Way. The United Way of Muskingum, Perry, and Morgan Counties is not a chapter of any state or national fundraising organization. It does, however, identify with the United Way of Worldwide.

The United Way Worldwide is a national organization set up to provide diverse skilled staff services to its member organizations in every phase of local United Way operations. Whether in crucial general area like campaigning, budgeting, planning, and communications or in specifics such as setting up an accounting system, expertise is available. The United Way Worldwide also secures national publicity for local United Ways under a national theme, enhancing local identification through widely used slogans, and symbols. The United Way logo has been determined to be one of the five most recognized brands in the United States.

Diversity and inclusion policy



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