Backpack Program

United Way is investing $12,000 in YMCA’s Backpack program.

The YMCA Healthy Kids Network (YHKN) Backpack Program addresses the basic needs of students by providing carriers of nutritious and easy-to-prepare food to take home on weekends when other resources may not be available.  While free and reduced breakfast and lunch are available during the school week, unreliable access to food over the weekends can affect the level of food insecurity experienced by the student, increasing stress, and decreasing productivity.  Children who are hungry simply cannot concentrate to learn, have low energy, and reduced ability to fight off common childhood illnesses.


Before & After School Program

United Way is investing $5,000 in the before & after school program at the YMCA to supply snacks to local students.

This program provides quality affordable care for children grades K-4th that will help promote social, emotional, and cognitive skills. The program provides care for both before and after school hours, allowing parents to work a full day. Daily activities include access to playgrounds & outside play, arts and crafts, homework help, gym & board games, and afternoon snacks



Charlie Cart Program

United Way is investing $12,000 in Muskingum County Library System’s Charlie Cart program.

The Charlie Cart Program set out to create an affordable and comprehensive food education program, giving kids the power to make healthy choices for life. The result is an all-in-one program—a kitchen on wheels and a full curriculum with classroom-tested recipes—connecting the dots between food, health, and the environment. 






Emergency Grant Program

United Way is investing $12,180 to provide a minimum of 24 students with an emergency grant, so they can continue their education.

This program gives grants in amounts up to $500 to students who face unexpected hardships that may prevent their education, such as transportation costs, medical bills, unexpected childcare, eviction, and other documented needs. It is sponsored by the United Way and Zane State College Foundation.



Family Literacy Festival Books

United Way is investing $1,000 to provide books to every kid that attends the Family Literacy Festival.

The Muskingum County Literacy Council are hosting a Family Literacy Festival in collaboration with the Muskingum County Library System on Saturday, May 7th from 11a.m.-3:00p.m.  We will have literacy enrichment activities and books for adults and children of all ages.  No registration is required and there is no cost to attend. 



Grab-n-Go Meal Program

United Way is investing $12,000 in Perry County District Library’s Grab-n-Go Meal program.

<p>Description automatically generated with medium confidence In an effort to continue to combat food insecurities in Perry County, Perry County District Library will be using the grant dollars received to provide a grab-n-go meal option for children throughout the county.  Parents/Caregivers will have the opportunity to stop by any Perry County District Library building or bookmobile stop weekly to pick up a meal pack complete with two 3-component meals for each child in their household.  This supplemental meal option will allow us to have a positive impact by serving approximately 4,380 meal packs over the course of the grant. Nearly 120 Perry County children will be served each week over the next nine months.







School Readiness  

Muskingum County:

United Way of MPM invested $500 towards Muskingum County students’ school readiness! 

Perry County:

United Way of MPM invested $500 towards Perry County students’ school readiness! . 

Morgan County:

United Way of MPM invested $500 towards Morgan County students’ back to school readiness! With the United Way funds 14 local Morgan County students received their complete back-to-school supply list, which included 17 items.



Sensory Room

United Way is investing $4,000 to supply items for a Sensory Room at Morgan Local School, East Preschool.

The East Preschool Program, Sensory Room helps supply a room for sensory and social emotional development. With the investment Morgan Local Schools have made purchases to help foster students’ growth in themselves that will help students throughout their life. 



STEM kits

United way is investing $3,486 to supply STEM kits to 234 local children enrolled in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.

STEM kits are Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics kits that provide an interactive learning opportunity for the children enrolled in our programs. More specifically, the STEM kits will be used as an activity sponsored by United Way of MPM for one of our fall/winter program activities. A Big/Little will assemble the kit together, which cultivates a positive interaction and educational opportunity for the kids we serve



United Way is investing $3,000 in the Kate Love Simpson Library’s STEM Kits program.

The goal of this educational initiative is to empower loved ones to assist their child in gaining a firm foundation of school readiness.  The STEAM kits and learning cards will provide guidance through the maze of what children need to know to be ready for school and how to help them learn these skills to succeed, in an entertaining, interactive fashion.

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United for Kids

United Way is investing $12,000 in New Lexington Schools’ United for Kids program.

United for Kids provides meals for students during the weekend and long holiday weekends so students will not go hungry when school is not in session.

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