AED Systems

United Way invested $4,389 toward implementing AED systems in 3 local Muskingum County Library Branches.

The Automated External Defibrillators (AED) Readiness Program will meet the community Health Goal. Sudden cardiac arrests continue as a leading cause of death, and public libraries must prepare for such scenarios (American Red Cross, 2021). The MCLS initiative will also respond to the Education Goal in a secondary capacity. Additionally, by allying with Genesis HealthCare Systems as a community partner, the MCLS will help inform the public about cardiac health.


COVID Positive Patient Discharge Kits

United Way is investing $9,000 towards Genesis Healthcare System to supply 450 Pulse Oximeters to place in Discharge Kits for COVID Positive Patients. Also included in the Care Kits will be hand sanitizer, PPE, and continued care instructions specific to COVID.  



New Concord Fire Department
United Way is investing $3,371.90 to the New Concord Fire Department towards CPR Equipment.
The CPR Equipment will be used to teach free CPR classes to the community, East Muskingum students, and staff members at local preschools. Each year The New Concord Fire Department trains between 150-175 individuals.  



Eyeglasses for Education

United Way is investing $1,500 to serve 300 students during the 2021-2022 school year.

Zanesville City Schools has a program called Eyeglasses for Education, the program provides adjustments, repairs, and replacement pairs of glasses for students.



Perry County COVID Vaccine Incentive Program

United Way invested $1,000 towards Covid Vaccine Incentive Program in Perry County.

Any Perry County resident that received their full Covid Vaccination is eligible for a $50 Kroger Gift Card. For more information Call HAPCAP at 740-342-4113.


Heroes Landing Children’s Justice Center of Ohio (Health):

United Way is investing $24,990.98 in the purchase and installation of Forensic Interview Equipment, this equipment will allow child abuse survivors to tell their story only once to a trained interviewer, so they do not have to recount their trauma over and over.

Through the support of United Way, Heroes Landing™ Children’s Justice Center will have all-new recording equipment allowing their Multidisciplinary Team the ability to capture a child’s story of abuse.  The recordings can then be used to assess the need for advocacy, medical and mental health services, as well as a tool to prosecute perpetrators.


Hot Meals Program

United Way is investing $13,500 to serve 340 community members.

The Salvation Army has a hot meals program, that serves hot meals to anyone in the community in need of a hot meal.


Morgan County Health Screenings

United Way is investing $4,718 to prove free health screenings for Morgan County residents.

The Morgan County Health Department (MCHD) will be providing free health screenings throughout the County Townships. The screening includes B/P checks, Glucose Checks, and Hearing/Vision. At the site, the MCHD will review patient immunizations and encourage referrals to primary care providers as warranted. Health education with applicable educational materials will be disseminated to all participants. It is the hope of the Morgan County Health Department to improve health outcomes for all of Morgan County.

Mo Co Health

Morgan County Public Transit

United Way funds will be used to subsidize out of county medical trips for low-income riders who cannot afford paying the trip fare.  It is the goal of Morgan County Public Transit to utilize the funds in a way that all who need access to quality medical care can receive it. 

Mo Co Transit

Muskingum County Medical Transit Trips

United Way is investing $5,000 in Medical Transit Trips in Muskingum County.

The Ohio Mobility Management Program increases access to mobility for Ohioans by increasing understanding and awareness of transportation needs, coordination of transportation options to meet needs, and building sustainable and healthy communities by integrating transportation into planning and programs in the Counties they serve.


Agency Website:



Senior Nutrition Program

United Way of MPM is investing $3,500 to serve up to 1,660 meals to seniors in Morgan County

The Senior Nutrition Program of Washington-Morgan Community Actions has been funded to provide hot, nutritious meals to seniors 60 years of age or older, living in Washington and Morgan Counties. Program service settings include congregate dining sites for those seniors who can leave their homes and home delivered meals for seniors who are homebound.

wash Morg

Tecumseh Theater- Children's Meals

United Way invested $1,595 towards the Tecumseh Theater, providing meals to children during a performance art program.  

Tecumseh Theater Presents: “Saturday Matinees" -- a performance art program offered at no charge to any Perry County child, aged 6-14. The program provides an outlet for kids to creatively express themselves through nature, art, drama, and music. The free lunch for all children has a positive impact by way of decreasing food insecurity during the middle of each weekend.



YMCA Safety Around Water

United Way is investing $6,000 in the Safety Around Water Program to provide water safety skills to 150 local kids (4-10 years old).


The Safety Around Water Program (SAW) is an evidence based, nationally researched program designed to reach children at risk of drowning and teach them critical water safety skills. The program teaches the beginning techniques to swimming, especially how to get in and out of the water safely. Learning to swim and being safe around water is a critical life skill and builds a sense of achievement in students, as well as physical health, development, and well-being.