Campaign Total

The Campaign Total refers to the amount of money that our local United Way raises annually to support charitable work in our community. The campaign is conducted in the fall of each year and the focus is to solicit funds from employees in all different business sectors of our community--such as education, government, large businesses, small businesses, speical services, etc. A bulk of the funds raised during the annual campaign come from employees who pledge gifts in the fall that will be deducted from their paychecks during the following calendar year. The employer then sends payments to our United Way at regular intervals. These payments represent the combined gifts of all that company’s employees for the given periods. Some donors prefer to send their contributions directly to our United Way. In those circumstances, the donor may give his or her gift immediately, negating the need for a pledge. At other times, donors will choose for our office to bill them. They then return their pledge payment on a billing cycle of their choosing. Credit card payment and automatic bank account withdrawal options are also available to our donors.


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